Explore The Boundaries And Borders Of Mexico While Studying Mexican Maps

For people who like to study history and like exploring new realms of the world, then you are someone who would love to indulge in the knowledgeable conferences and events organized by the Museum of Bend. This museum is accredited with preserving, exhibiting and interpreting the cultural, historic and natural elements that relate to the prehistory and the cultural diversity of the Big Bend region of Texas and Mexico. The museum entails the story of the big bend and educates people with its events, exhibits, and workshops.

The upcoming exhibition of the Museum of the Big Bend is teaching about the Mexican Maps: 16th–20th century, where you will get to select the maps of the big bend Yana and Marty Davis Map collection. The Museum of Big Bend located on the Sul Ross campus for the real story of the region covering in the natural history, human history and the confluence of the cultures that are popularly known as the Borderlands.

The Museum consists of an extensive collection of the maps, for all those curious history buffs who like to indulge in the learning of the pre-history of the region. The Big Bend is worth booking a tour in advance and learning to get the big picture of it. Not only this, but an annual conference is held where the sale of western art and fine custom gear takes place in April and May. The Museum of Big Bend is the oldest exhibit of its kind in the nation.